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  • LAB Arm

    A self-supporting articulated arm for bench or wall installation

    Product No.  LAB-51 
    Diameter: 50 mm 
    Length: 1 metre
    Recommended flow rate: 90-120 m³/h 
    Head loss :   630 Pa 
    Key Feature   Light, manoeuvrable arm for laboratories, workshops and soldering stations 

    About This Product


    • LAB arm - articulated lab arm, 1m
    • Bracket - steel bracket for working surface
    • Hood - anodized aluminium suction hood
    • Hood - plexiglass rectangular suction hood

    The ideal fume solution in a laboratory is to capture fumes, gases, and micro dust as close as possible to the operator, protecting from the pollutants emitted during soldering of metals and alloys (local exhaust ventilation - LEV). It is essential for operators to have fluid movement in all possible directions to maintain the desired position for the suction (at-source fume extraction).

    Made of light aluminium alloy, this articulated arm is characterized by exceptional manoeuvrability and versatility, thanks to its light and functional structure. It can be completed with different types of nozzles depending on the application.

    Lightweight - Self-supporting system in light aluminium alloy, which combines lightness and resistance to pollutants.

    Clean and smooth surface - The totally smooth contact surfaces prevent the accumulation of micro-particles.

    Versatile - interchangeability of the suction hood according to the specific application, and suitable for centralized applications or for single extraction station. Also has 2-joint versions for environments with height restrictions, and fixed versions for laboratories.

    Easy to set up - articulated ABS structure with external adjustment. Brackets in painted steel for fitting to the wall or on the worktop, with couplings designed for flexible hoses.

    Please note: This kind of extraction arm has been designed exclusively for the extraction of fumes or micro-particles generated by non-heavy working processes, with medium-low pollutant concentrations. Other substances, for example large particle size dusts or liquids, are not suitable for being extracted with the LAB series arms and may generate malfunctions during the ordinary use of the equipment.

    Typical environments:Workshop environment - extraction of soldering fumes micro-particulates, vapours odours.

    Technical Data Sheet (download)

    Download data sheet: LAB Arms

    What's Included

    Articulated arm 

    Please note: nozzles and brackets must be ordered separately

    Accessories - Required



    Accessories - Optional

    Painted steel bracket for wall OR bench fitting

    Conical nozzle

    Standard nozzle

    Transparent nozzle

    Replacement Parts

    Contact the Dynamic Engineering Australia sales team for a full list of available replacement parts.

    Packaging Dimensions

    L x W x D 81 x 23 x 28 cm
    Weight : 8 kg

    How To Buy

    Buy direct: Dynamic Engineering Australia