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  • ARH Hose Reel

    Hose reel with a manual retraction for vehicle exhaust fume extraction

    Product No: ARH75 ARH100 ARH125 ARH150
    Hose Ø:  75 mm 100 mm 125 mm 150 mm
    Hose length (metres):  7.5 | 10 | 13 | 15 7.5 | 10 | 13 | 15
    7.5 | 10 | 13 | 15
    7.5 | 10 | 13 | 15
    Recommended flow
    rate (min/max):

    450 m³/h

    700 m³/h

    1100 m³/h 1700 m³/h
    Hose reels head loss (min/max):  900-1400 Pa  700-1100 Pa 550-900 Pa 450-650 Pa

    Designed for the localized extraction of vehicle exhaust fumes, this hose reel range includes a retractable high temperature rubber hose with various diameters for different types of vehicle. Available in manual or electric retraction for fixed, centralised or sliding systems, the hose reel positions a nozzle close to the vehicle exhaust gas pipes. The corresponding rubber or stainless steel nozzle is resistant to the high temperatures coming out from the engine of the vehicle.

    The standard structure is fitted for ceiling or wall mounting, and is made with reinforced steel for all versions. 

    This range includes various diameter hoses, and has a range of hose lengths and accessories.

    Rotation - an innovative and exclusive rotation system made from “Rotamax” aluminium alloy, designed to permit glide and manoeuvrability in the time and conditions of use, even heavy-duty environments.

    Springs - containment guard with grease facility for harmonic stainless steel springs, pre-loaded and pre-calibrated according to the lengths and diameters of the flexible hoses.

    Plates and barrels - disks and drums are available in 4 different sizes to meet any possible requirements for anti-crush hose diameter and length.

    Accessories - interchangeable accessories and solutions to improve the extraction efficiency with our EV fans. Also available are motorised systems and dampers.

    Hoses - TGA flexible anti-crush hoses in different lengths and diameters (75 mm - 200 mm).

    Optional - special high temperature hose available for extraction of high temperature gases and fumes.

    Typical environments - workshop environment for localised extraction of exhaust gases from motorbikes, cars, trucks and heavy vehicles.

    Technical Data Sheet (download)

    Download data sheet: ARH Hose Reel

    What's Included

    The Dynamic Engineering sales team will provide assistance to ensure your order contains the desired hose reel(s), correct hose length, correct brackets, and any other required accessories. 

    Accessories - Required

    You will require an extraction fan and possibly a filter; you may have an existing system, or you can contact the Dynamic Engineering Australia sales team to determine what fan will work best for your situation. High temperature fans can be provided for extra high temperature applications with specific versions available. These systems can also extract fume and dust for specific versions.

    Accessories - Optional

    • Quick Couplers - For nozzle release, in impact and temperature resistant plastic
    • Nozzles - A complete range for different types of mufflers
    • As-car kit - For twin exhaust cars consisting of 2 rubber nozzles, flex hose and "Y" fitting
    • Start-stop kit - Complete with micro switch wired to the junction box for automatic start up and shut down of the extraction fan
    • Hose kit - Galvanised sheet metal components to exhaust the extracted fumes
    • Electrical Panel - ON/OFF electric motor start and protection
    • Dampers - Manual or motorized, to be applied to hose or hose reel
    • Special brackets - For ceiling/wall or column mounting
    • EV fan - High pressure aluminium fans

    Replacement Parts

    • none specified                  

    Packaging Dimensions

    Product No: ARH75 ARH100 ARH125 ARH150
    Weight : 50-53 kg 56-60 kg 66-70 kg 78-84 kg
    L x W x H : 120 x 80 x 105cm      

    How To Buy

    Buy direct: Dynamic Engineering Australia