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  • JetBlack Standard Personnel Cleaning Booth

    Worker De-Dusting & Clothes Cleaning Solution

    Stand-alone cyclone extractor option

    Motor Power:  1.5kW 
    Airflow performance:  1600m3/hr  (12 air changes)
    Input current: 1Phase, 230V, 50Hz as standard
    Filter: Supplied with HEPA H14 polyester cartridge filter, plastic collection bag, and heavy duty impeller. Automatic filter cleaning for consistent performance. Filter cartridge captures 99% of dust from 0.2 – 2 microns in size.
    Noise level:  Low 74dB(A) @ 3m

    Extractor fan unit option - where an existing extractor system is installed we can offer a powerful centrifugal extraction fan unit. Note: NO filtration system is supplied with this option

    Motor Power:  1.1kW 
    Airflow performance:  1500m3/hr  
    Input current: 1 or 3 Phase, with a range of voltages available                
    Filter: None supplied
    Ducting:  Additional ducting can be supplied                

    About This Product

    The JetBlack Standard Personnel Cleaning Booth is a self-contained, free-standing, de-dusting system guaranteed to meet or exceed OHS requirements. It removes, extracts, AND collects dust and debris from workers' dirty clothes. 

    It is a completely safe alternative to using compressed air (see Dangers of Using Compressed Air) and is much easier to use than alternative vacuum systems. It operates by utilising high-velocity, low-pressure air blown from an integrated hand-held JetBlack cleaning unit, which is effective in dislodging all materials from clothing. All dust and fibres are drawn down and away through the floor by an extractor system and collected either in a HEPA extractor or vented directly into your existing exhaust system.

    Safe: Easy to operate and maintain

    Tough: Modular construction

    Powerful: Integrates the hand-held JetBlack cleaning unit for an ‘air shower’ effect

    Extractor options: Can include stand-alone cyclone extractor or extractor fan unit to connect directly into an existing exhaust system

    Walk through option: Walk through arrangements can be accommodated to provide a quick and effective method for cleaning dusty clothes

    Indoor/Outdoor options: Suitable for indoor or outdoor use (rain covers optional)

    Typical environments: mining above and below ground, mineral processing facilities, construction sites, power stations, clean-room manufacturing facilities, quarrying/stone/aggregate facilities, plastic and rubber production, cement and plasterboard manufacturing, paper and tissue production, carpet and general textile manufacturing, fibre moulding, anywhere that has dust and other airborne solids. Please note: at this stage, hazardous zone environments cannot be serviced.

    What Our Customers Say

    Tarong Power Station has purchased Dust Removal Booths through Dynamic Engineering Australia to provide workers with the means to safely and effectively remove accumulated dust and ash from their clothing/ PPE, and away from the worker’s breathing zone. The booths form part of Stanwell’s greater Dust Management Strategy in protecting workers health and safety. ~ Stanwell

    Technical Data Sheet (download)

    Data sheet download:

    JetBlack Safety standard Cleaning Booth data sheet JetBlack Safety standard Cleaning Booth data sheet (6284 KB)

    JetBlack Safety Cleaning Booths - new features JetBlack Safety Cleaning Booths - new features (992 KB)

    JetBlack Safety Cleaning Booths - new features JetBlack Safety Cleaning Booths - new features (992 KB)

    What's Included

    Cleaning booth 

    PLC control system

    Pre-wired JetBlack cleaning unit

    See new features (above)

    Accessories - Required

    None specified

    Accessories - Optional

    External roof cover kit

    Replacement Parts

    Moulded nozzle assembly

    Flexible hose assembly


    Packaging Dimensions

    Net weight (of main unit): 

    333kg with extractor
    219kg without extractor

    Layout dimensions (of main unit)
    L x W x H:
    1900 x 1400 x 2440mm 

    Layout dimensions (roof kit and booth inlet filter)
    L x W x H:

    1500 x 120 x 150mm
    Net weight (roof kit): 45kg
    Shipping dimensions (of main unit)
    L x W x H:
    1554 x 1810 x 2233mm with extractor
    1472 x 1200 x 2233mm without extractor

    How to Buy

    Buy direct:  Dynamic Engineering Australia or Request a Quote (upload files and photos) .

    Dynamic Engineering Australia is the exclusive distributor for JetBlack personnel cleaning stations and booths in Australasia.