Flexible Extraction Arm - 160mm Ø x 2 m long

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  • Flexible Extraction Arm - 160mm Ø x 2 m long

    Retractable self-supporting fume extraction hanging arm

    Product No  P-007 
    Diameter 160mm
    Length  2 metres
    Key Feature  Hanging arm for ceiling or wall-mounted fans/filters

    The Plymoth ALFI Flexi Extractor Arm (P-007) is an efficient and versatile benchwork extractor arm. It is designed to suit our pole or wall-mounted fans.

    Plymoth ALFI Extractor Arms are internally supported to be rigid during service and retractable for convenience. They provide a robust and flexible fume extraction solution, and local exhaust ventilation.

    Flexible arm - the inner parallelogram technology with unique spring-controlled lock makes the arm incredible easy to move and to retain its position for precise manoeuvrability

    Durable - high temperature-resistant hose and steel hood can withstand sparks, chemicals and heat

    Action radius - the extractor hood can be angled more than 110˚ in all directions

    Spotlight - LED lighting options can be easily fitted onto the hood

    Flexible arm options - Various lengths available up to 5 metres long, and 200mm diameter option also available (the 200mm diameter has been specially made for heavy smoke, dust and gases)

    Typical environments - welding and work cubicles, schools, areas with low ceilings

    Technical Data Sheet (Download)

    See technical data sheet: Flexible Extractor Arms datasheet 

    Download DEA's full Plymoth (Alfi) range: Plymoth (Alfi) - Full Product Guide

    What's Included

    Wall bracket


    Hood with handle

    Damper (for volume control)

    Internal support mechanism

    Accessories - Required

    You will require an extraction fan and possibly a filter; you may have an existing system, or you can contact the Dynamic Engineering sales team to determine what fan will work best for your situation.

    Accessories - Optional

    • Filter 
    • Spotlights - LED lighting for the hood 
    • Extensions - up to 4m extension arms and extension ducting and ducting with magnetic hood

    Replacement Parts

    • Support components can be sourced if needed

    Packaging Dimensions

    Weight : 17kg
    L x W x H:  245 x 860 x 325mm 

    How To Buy

    Buy direct: Dynamic Engineering Australia

    Blackwoods - BW#:02290911