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Plymoth P-540 MF-Eco Mobile Filter (1 Phase)

SKU: P-540
Product shot of the Plymoth MF-Eco Mobile Filter (mobile welding fume extractor) with a 2 meter Table-Mounted IS Fume Extraction Arm
Plymoth MF-Eco Mobile Filtered Units (p-540 and P-543)

Plymoth P-540 MF-Eco Mobile Filter (1 Phase)

SKU: P-540
A single phase mobile filtered welding fume extractor with JetPulse self-cleaning system

Key features

Manoeuvrable with self-cleaning filter system for single phase

Manufacturer / Supplier


The MF-Eco JetPulse Mobile Filter is the most economical mobile filtering solution available for local exhaust ventilation (LEV) of welding fumes and light dust. This unit is robust, mobile and efficient, and is ideal for applications where one unit can be shared between multiple workstations. It is the perfect solution for at-source extraction. 

Mechanical filtering - filter cartridge has a separation efficiency of over 99.9% 

Mobile - 4 smooth-running wheels (2 with brakes) and ergonomic handles making it easy to move between workstations 

Self-cleaning JetPulse cleaner - built-in compressed air cleaning system (compressed air supply required)

Typical environment

Welding and woodwork workshops, schools, service and repair work


Filtered extraction unit and handles 

Built-in compressed air filter cleaning arrangement and valve

New cartridge filter 

Dust collection tray 

4m electrical cable and 15 am Australian plug



Flexi Table Filter Extractor Arm c/w 360˚ swivel mounting bracket (select required hose diameter and length)

  • P-002 (P-168) - Ø160mm / 2 metre
  • P-003 (P-169) – Ø160mm / 3 metre
  • P-086 - Holder for 2 Flexi Arms Ø160mm (max 3m)
  • P-544 - HEPA Filter 23m2

Replacement parts

P-541 – Replacement Filter Cartridge

Technical details

Motor Power 0.75kW
Power Supply (V/Phase/Hz) 240/1/50
Arm Swivel 360°
Arm Radius 3m
Filter Efficiency 99%
Noise 70 dBa

Typical environment

Welding and woodwork workshops, schools, service and repair work

Manufacturer / Supplier



Weight: 92kg
Height: 1115mm
Width: 610mm
Depth: 1200mm


Weight: 80kg
Height: 980mm
Width: 520mm
Depth: 880mm

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